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    18 March 2020

    Everybody knows that I really love each one of my couples because, in different ways, they give me the possibility to grow professionally and to challenge myself. If I should describe briefly the wedding of the sweet Nadine and Henrik, I will probably borrow the words of the great Leonardo Da Vinci, who said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Be careful! “Simple” doesn’t mean “Easy”, it is quite the opposite! The Tuscan wedding planner has to create an original and delicate design that should be astonishing at the same time.

    So if you also love an accurate simplicity, don’t miss Nadine and Henrik’s wedding in San Gimignano, it is inspired by Tuscan olive trees, ivory nuances and dusty-pink roses, signs of gracefulness and elegance.



    The getting ready of my lovely German couple started early that day. While the bride and the groom were getting dressed, my team and I set the area for the symbolic wedding ceremony in the exclusive agriturismo in San Gimignano.





    Getting married in San Gimignano means to live an unforgettable experience in Tuscany.

    The outdoor ceremony was set in one of the most suggestive corner of the country venue in San Gimignano. The wedding arch was made of Tuscan olive twigs, gypsophila, dusty- pink and ivory roses… the view was enchanting. Two couples of lanterns were put on both sides of the wedding arch. The table for the celebrant was replaced by a typical Tuscan barrel and the chairs of the bride and the groom were adorned with two floral garlands on the back. We also decided for the small bouquet made with gypsophila to decorate the chairs of the guests: simple and cute.




    The symbolic ceremony was really touching and fascinating, the guests celebrated the newlyweds with the German traditions and with the throw of the olive leaves that symbolizes a wish of happiness and prosperity. Before leaving the venue for the shooting with the photographers, Henrik and I planned a surprise for the bride: a saxophonist who played a romantic song for her. I have to admit that these moments really fill my heart with joy! I feel so lucky to be a wedding planner in San Gimignano!





    The wedding dinner represents not only the conviviality of the party but it is the union of the families of the couple, it is the right moment for the speeches, the smiles, the good taste. It is very important that the atmosphere is romantic, intimate, cozy, comfortable and there are some good points we can work on to reach the goal!

    The Tuscan wine and the tasty food look always inviting, no matter if you are Italian or if you come from abroad. In general the caterers and I suggest a wedding menù composed by the welcome cocktail and appetizers, two first courses, one main course with two side dishes, the wedding cake, open bar and, for an extra touch of sweetness, you can add the corners of the fresh fruit, petit feurs, chocolate fountain, candy bar.

    Nadine and Henrik chose two first courses Risotto with porcini mushrooms, black truffle and saffron, which is a flavorful yellow spice cultivated in San Gimignano. It was followed by Raviolotti with pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, basil and melted pecorino sauce. The main course was a typical Tuscan dish: Beef fillet in a Chianti wine sauce and vegetables. The dinner was served with a romantic musical background inspired by the most popular jazz songs. If you are looking for the best wedding catering in Tuscany, I would be happy to give you a a honest advice https://www.solevents.it/en/contact/

    The wholesome food and the perfumed wine warm your hearts as well as the speeches and the music truly move everyone. However you can’t forget that the aesthetical look is always of primary importance. The eyes of the guests are attracted by the details: the romantic candles on the table, the greenery of the flowers, the napkin’s colors matched with the bridal bouquet, the olive twigs used as place card. Attention to detail shows the care, the politeness and the love with which you welcome your guests. Make it special!





    It’s time to introduce the queen of the party: the wedding cake. My brides have different ideas about the wedding cake: someone of them like a really simple cake, like that of Nadine and Henrik, someone else dreams about a 8-tier cake, still others fall in love with the modern Naked Cake or, on the contrary, they choose the Italian tradition enjoying Millefoglie. Either way, remember that the wedding cake must represent you and the style of the wedding… enjoy the moment, smile and be excited! Now you are ready for the first dance as bride and groom…



    The first dance started to the tune of Soldier by Gavin DeGraw. As soon as Nadine and Henrik reached the dancefloor, the wedding dj and I projected the initials of their names on the wall of the venue. It was really a touching moment! The wedding party continued in the cellars of the agriturismo where all the guests enjoyed the good music and the suggestive atmosphere.

    I could go on about this wonderful wedding that was a special day not only for the couple but also for me. As the wedding planner, I always take care of several details as the design, the style, the floral arrangements, the songs, the timeline, the contracts etc… My role is creating beauty and emotions… in one word, magic. It is something that you can’t touch and it can’t be explained but you should feel it once in a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to dream big! Let me know about your fabulous wedding in San Gimignano https://www.solevents.it/en/contact/



    Photographer: Artnine weddings https://www.artnineweddings.com/

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