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    3 April 2020

    What are the best wedding destinations in Tuscany? I know that many of you, girls, are wondering where you can organize the most important day of your life. If you are romantic, elegant, passionate about art, you should get married in a Florentine Villa. You don’t have to renounce the typical Tuscan landscape if you like the peace and the bucolic atmosphere because there are villas for weddings not only in the centre of the city but also in the Florentine rural areas.

    If you dream to get married in a Tuscan Villa, give a look to the wedding of one of the most elegant couple I’ve ever met… here it is the story of Anastasia and Matteo!

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    Anastasia and Matteo came from Northern Italy, they were beautiful, elegant, educated, very hard working and good people. When they contacted me they were so busy because of job so they weren’t able to reach Tuscany to manage the wedding planning but they really wanted a perfect, unforgettable wedding day! What can I say… I felt in love with this couple at first sight! I’m really lucky to be a wedding planner in Tuscany!




    The Catholic wedding ceremony took place in a Parish Church called Chiesa di Sant’Andrea, dated in the seventeenth century. It was decorated respecting the main theme of the wedding: white, ivory and green nuances. The flowers arrangements were so beautiful with ivory roses, white lisianthus, greenery and gypsophila! All the decorations were refined with the green color. The fans were branded with the letters “M” and “A” for “Matteo” and “Anastasia”… never leave anything to chance 😉

    The wedding ceremony was touching and emotional. Anastasia and Matteo had known each other for a long time so all the guests were fond of them both. The sister of the bride sang  Ave Maria for Anastasia and several friends dedicated beautiful thoughts to the couple at the end of the rite.

    The Catholic ceremony ended with the throw of the rice and petals. Throwing white rice at the newlyweds when they set foot out of the place of the ceremony is an Italian tradition and it symbolizes a wish of happiness, fertility and prosperity. What a wonderful moment!




    The wedding reception and the wedding dinner were set in Villa Le Corti, a Tuscan Renaissance Villa in the heart of Chianti Classico area, not far from Florence. This venue can offer a spectacular view, you have a lot of picturesque corners to take pictures with your wedding photographer while the guests enjoy the welcome cocktail in the huge gardens.


    We set a special corner in the garden as a backdrop for the pictures. It was similar to a wooden gazebo covered with the white drapes and decorated with the flowers the bride loved: ivory roses, white lisianthus, gypsohila and greenery.

    When the sun was going down, the guests started to move to the wedding dinner area. At the entrance of the indoor loggia we placed the escort cards with gypsophila. It can be the right choice if you have many guests and you would like to replace the tableu de mariage with something original! My wedding planner’s heart cheers when I have to create the beautiful decorations like this 🙂





    The wedding dinner took place in the heart of Villa Le Corti, the internal courtyard, enclosed by a square-shaped loggia. The centrepieces were tall with a floral bouquet on top. I love this kind of wedding centrepiece, it is wonderful above the round tables and it is perfect if the dinner is under a loggia. Just a suggestion by the wedding planner! The bouquet on the top has to be higher than the head of the guests or they won’t be able to see everyone.

    The table for the bride and the groom was the only one with a rectangular shape and the couple shared it with the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. This table had a different decoration, projected just for the newlyweds: a floral runner with a lot of romantic candles.

    Each guest had a small bunch of gypsophila tied with the green satin ribbon near the napkin, on the plate, and the place cards were printed with the green ink.

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    Let me introduce you the queen of the party: the wedding cake. My brides have different ideas about the wedding cake: someone of them like a really simple American wedding cake, someone else dreams about a 8-tier cake, still others fall in love with the modern Naked Cake or, on the contrary, they choose the Italian tradition enjoying Millefoglie. The special characteristic of Anastasia and Matteo’s wedding cake was that it was prepared on-the-spot. It was made of puff pastry which the pastry chef layered and decorated with cream in front of the guests.


    I could go on about this wonderful wedding that was an unforgettable day not only for the couple but also for me. As the wedding planner, I always take care of several details as the design, the style, the floral arrangements, the songs, the timeline, the contracts etc… My role is creating beauty and emotions… in one word, magic. It is something that you can’t touch and it can’t be explained but you should feel it once in a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to dream big!

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