• How much is a wedding in Italy?

    11 March 2019

    How much does a wedding in Italy cost? Well, that’s a fair question! The cost can vary depending on the area, the venue, the vendors and the arrangements you choose. However I can tell you the average price of a wedding in Tuscany, in the heart of Italy, the region where I work as wedding planner. This article will be really useful if you are at the beginning of your planning and if you are deciding how to spend the budget for your wedding in Italy. If you are a first time visitor and you need support in planning your wedding abroad, you can have a talk with me here https://www.solevents.it/en/contact/

    ITALIAN WEDDING VENUES AND CATERING. First of all, you can imagine Italy divided in three main areas: the north of Italy, the centre and the south. The most wedding cherished destinations are Lake Como and Venice in the north, Florence, Siena and Val D’Orcia in Tuscany, in the centre, or Amalfi, Positano and Ravello in the south. The price of a wedding venue is given by the accomodations and the menù. The price per night of a double room in Tuscany starts at €170,00 and the cost of the menù is about €80,00 if the venue’s chef can arrange the wedding dinner. If a catering service is required, the price for the wedding dinner starts at €110,00 per person.


    PROFESSIONAL WEDDING CELEBRANT. The celebrant who speaks more than 2 languages and who helps you with the text of the ceremony charges from €400,00 up to €600,00.


    WEDDING CAKE. The traditional Italian wedding cakes are millefoglie, fruit tart or sponge cake. Many couples usually go for millefoglie, a delicious cake made with puff pastry, cream and/or chocolate. The price for the Italian traditional wedding cake is about €5,00 per person. If you like American wedding cake, that I consider the “queen” of the dinner, the price starts at €7,00 per person.


    ITALIAN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. All the photographers usually offer the wedding packages: 2 hours, 4 hours, up to ten hours. The price for the full day service starts at €2500,00 in the big cities. The team I often work with is made of 2 professional photographers who charge €1600,00 for 8 hours. Good point, isn’t it?


    ITALIAN WEDDING VIDEOMAKER. The videomakers offer several packages as the photographers. The price for a full service starts at €1400,00


    FLOWERS. It is one of the most difficult entries to value because the price depends on the kind of the flower you like. The bridal bouquet is about €100,00-150,00, the price of the wedding arch starts at €200,00. The medium budget the couples spend for flowers is from €1300,00 to 3000,00.

    MUSIC. The budget for music starts at €500,00 for a soloist. If you like a band, the price is from €800,00 up to €1500,00. Have you ever listen to Italian popular music? If you want to pep-up your wedding party, it is what you really need!


    BRIDAL HAIRDO AND MAKE UP. It can be about €400,00. The make up and hairdo for the braidsmaids can cost about €20,00- 25,00 per person.


    TRANSFER. The price starts at €500,00 but the travel agency can provide the right quote only after receiving the itinerary.


    There are a lot of things to talk about: the minimum stay of 2 or 3 days, the exclusive use day option, venues that can arrange the civil ceremony on site, brunch or pizza party, rehearsal dinner, open bar, extra activities etc… If you would like to have more info, contact me and I’ll answer gladly to all your questions!

    Sara Sollazzi
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