• To Giulia & Valentino

    9 February 2018

    Dear Giulia and Valentino,

    I still remember with a smile on my face the persistence with which we were looking for the wedding venue. It wasn’t simple because we had to have a country farmyard so dear to the bride and the dj would have been allowed to play as long as we wished… up to 5 a.m. for instance!

    There are many reasons why I’d like to thank you. You made this adventure together so enjoyable and unforgettable! I’m going to mention just one of these, the most important for me.

    It was the wedding day. My telephone rang: the bride was coming, all hands on deck! I told the groom and I went back to my place, in the shade of a century-old tree, right next to the ancient Country Parish Church. The groom, a handsome and confident young man, tapped me on the shoulder asking what he had to do because all the guests were telling him to wait for Giulia indoors, near the altar… it’s a typical tradition. Not this time because the couple and I had planned a different and original entrée in time to the music. After the “reassemble of the puzzle”, the bride came, she was radiant and astonishing, Valentino’s mum gave her a look and said <<She’s so beautiful!>>. The wedding procession started, the bride walked down the aisle and everyone’s eyes were full of love, full of that honest and faithful love that is not so guaranteed during a ceremony.

    I can also mention the customized and wonderful setting of the venue, the dinner table “floating” on the surface of the pool, or the lively guests instead I just want to say thank you, Giulia and Valentino, for placing your trust in me. Thank you for trusting me for months, thank you for believing me even in times of stress, thank you for letting me post the photos of your wedding to promote my work. Your wedding still gives me the drive to pursue my career, it gives me the strenght to continue and to work hard to make a couple’s dream come true.

    Once someone asked me if I really wanted to spend months working on an event that starts and ends in just one day. Thinking of you two, I answered “Of course I do”.

    Lots of love,
    your wedding planner,


    Foto: Artnine Weddings Photography

    Sara Sollazzi
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