• Original Heavy metal wedding in Tuscany

    12 February 2018

    Looking for some unconventional wedding ispirations? Look no further because you’ve just found the most original wedding theme. This time neither country bales of hay, neither shabby-chic hanging decorations or cozy corners: we’re talking about a Heavy Metal Wedding! My wedding planner’s heart cheers when I have to face a challenge 😉

    Sometimes the couples ask me if choosing the wedding theme is important. Certainly it is because it makes your Big Day recognizable, unlike any other. The more the “fil rouge” suits your personality, the more the ceremony and the reception are a huge success. Here is an original wedding theme which worked out perfectly: Elisa & Giacomo’s Heavy Metal wedding in Tuscany.

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    First of all it was a very customized and stylish event: given that the groom was a singer and he had met the bride during one of his concert, they chose black and white as the main colours of the wedding, using burgundy to refine the arrangements. Each decoration followed the Heavy Metal style starting from the wedding invites which were shaped like a concert ticket.



    The civil ceremony took place outdoors in the garden of an evocative castle in the Chianti, Oliveto Castle, where all the 140 white chairs were decorated with some black and burgundy satin ribbons. I adorned the ceremonial table with some candles of different heights and with black roses and white tulips, the same flowers used for the bridal bouquet.



    The oddest thing of this wedding was the moment of the throwing of the rice. Throwing white rice at the newlyweds when they set foot out of the place of the ceremony is an Italian tradition and it symbolizes a wish of happiness, fertility and prosperity. Could you imagine pure white rice at a Heavy Metal wedding? No way! The rice was black and it was put in some paper cones shaped like “devil horns” (gesto delle corna). Maybe you think I’m crazy but I am a really creative wedding planner so I immediately loved this idea!






    While my fabulous couple, Elisa and Giacomo, were doing the wedding photo shoot in the most beautiful corners of the castle, the guests waited in the courtyard sipping cool drinks and apertifs. They tasted all the typical Tuscan products as prosciutto and cold-cuts, the famous Tuscan soup called Ribollita, cheeses and all the best food you can imagine.


    As soon as the bride and the groom reached the courtyard we turned on the lights. It was a particular wedding atmosphere!




    Let me say the couple and I did our best for the wedding reception. The seating plan was realized with CDs and we entitled each one using the names of the various heavy metal genres. Each sub-genre corrisponded to a place name hanging from the braces of the chandeliers decorated with black and burgundy ribbons. The underplates were like vinyl records, different from table to table: each had a different name and graphic desogn according the sub-genre. The icing on the cake: we got some heavy metal cd covers substituting the cd with one we made where the menu was printed. The cake was a five-pointed star with black and white decorations.





    After dinner there was a real and true show: on the stage purposely set up for the wedding, the groom himself performed with his band as well as friends and Heavy Metal groups who actually came from the north of Italy. Later at night, the guests left the castle after a much-appreciated stop at the confetti table: not only did the taste labels and containers recall the colours of the wedding but the ribbons used to close the small confetti bags were bracelets made by the bride and groom and personalized with their names and the graphics used in the invites. I’m sure it goes without saying that all the guests will never forget such a customized and well-arranged wedding, truly representing Giacomo and Elisa!

    Foto: Ronnie Sbaragli photographer

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